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Top free portfolio tracking apps

20 Mar, 2017

Portfolio management or investment management is the need of the modern era. You maybe investing in financial assets such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds yielding return on regular basis. It is not necessary that your financial assets are always increasing in monetary quantum. You might be incurring losses, which you may not be aware of. Thus, it is important to keep track of the portfolio. The task seems quite challenging. But, if you take resort to the modern technology i.e. the free apps which help you keep track of your portfolio in an efficient way, your daunting task becomes a piece of cake. There are loads of free  mobile apps which give you minute by minute comprehensive information of your portfolio.


It is a free app available for iOSand android users. It tracks the investment portfolio, performance allocation, etc. in a style for a simple layman to understand. It gives thelatest news, updates on the favorite stocks you trade in. you can get quotes on Indian indices, global indices, commodities, stocks, mutual funds, currencies at your disposal. It can track real estate, fixed deposits, gold, mutual funds, and equity all under one app. It can help you assess your capital gains and eventually your tax status.


By using this portfolio tracker app, you can compare your returns for the year with the standard returns for different time frames. A monthly report via email is received to let you compare your portfolio analysis, transaction summary, theperformance of the stock, and any stock advice of the last month. It also gives you the details of your interest and maturity of deposits on aweekly basis via email along with latest news and updates which may affect your stock performance. It can manage different deposits such as KisanVikasPatra, NSC, corporate bonds, FDs, Recurring deposits.

My funds

This app lets you track your Indian stock and investment of mutual funds with the touch of a button. You simply have to give in the details such as your stock, date of thetransaction and the amount. By updating info of all the investments, you can see the performance of portfolio on a daily basis. This easy to use app supports all BSE and NSE stocks, mutual funds, SIP etc.


It is India’s leading equity research initiative providing views on companies listed on Indian stock markets. Not only does it track the portfolio, it also sends free e-newsletters and recommendations. Fair opinions on the stock market movements and top gainers and losers are also displayed. It publishes a chart everyday highlighting the insight, which can affect your strategies of investment.

Stock Edge

This is a unique app which is focused on research and analytics. Users can do self-research with the help of tools relevant for financial research. Its data is based on NSE and BSE data. It will help you to take better decisions regarding your investment since customized analytics suiting to every individual’s needs is provided. It has a daily updates section where you can filter news as per your requirement.

Use any of these to know the benefits which you will get. Your task will be minimized and you will surely be assured of safe investments in future.

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