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Wealth Tax- Exemptions

23 May, 2014

Lets understand the exemptions for wealth tax for the various items discussed below.
Exemptions  for: Motor cars and Air/Water Vehicles

These vehicles when either used as stock in trade  or for Commercial purposes are exempt from being included in the wealth tax computation.

Jeweller:y Jewellery used as stock in trade is exempt.

Exemptions for: Urban Land

The following are the exempt from being charged to wealth tax.

  • Land on which construction is not  permissible under any law
  • Land occupied by a building which has been constructed on relevant approvals
  • Unused land held for industrial purposes for more than 2 yrs from acquision date
  • Land held as stock in trade

Other Exemptions

  1. Any trust or other obligation held for public purposes
  2. Share of a co-parcerner in a HUF
  3. An individual or HUF having one house or part of house upto 500 sq mts

Here's an example to understand the application of one of the element of wealth tax  we have discussed above on wealth tax.

Mr. X purchased a plot of land on 1.2.2004 for industrial purposes. This land was not used by him.

Applicability of this land for wealth tax for as on 31.2.2004  onwards

31.3.2004         Not an asset as per Wealth Tax as it was purchased for industrial purpose
31.3.2005     Not an asset as per Wealth Tax as it was purchased for industrial purpose
31.3.2006 on wards  An asset under WT as two years have passed and is still unused for the purpose.

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