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5 Smart Ways To Have Fun On A Tight Entertainment Budget With Your Kids

10 Jan, 2017

As soon as you become a parent, your monthly budget undergoes a meteoric rise. This only keeps on growing, as your children grow older. Add in schooling and other extra-curricular activities, the budget only keeps on increasing. So, as parents, it only makes sense to have a tight leash on other miscellaneous expenditures like your child's entertainment.

However, a tight budget for entertainment doesn’t mean that you should put a full-stop to fun. By making smart choices and having an eye out on deals, you can enjoy with your kids, without having to break your wallet.

There are several inexpensive ways you can have fun if you know where to find the right deals. Here, we give you smart tips to save while having all the fun.

1. Scrounge for Daily Deal Shopping Sites

One of the best ways to find great deals on entertainment and dining out places are sites that offer daily deals. You have only a limited time before which you must purchase the deal. You can get excellent deals sometimes even up to 50% off. However, please make sure to check the expiration date of the deal before you buy it.

Most deals come with an extended expiry date such as six months, whereas others are valid only for a limited duration.

2. Dine at Restaurants with “Kids Eat Free” Deals

Most family restaurants allow kids to eat free on a particular day of the week or at a reduced price. Usually, these deals are offered on days when the restaurant is running low on crowds, usually on the weekdays. But, sometimes restaurants offer these deals on weekends too, for regular customers.

Keep an eye out for these deals on the Facebook Pages of your favourite restaurants. Sometimes, these restaurants, even advertise these deals on newspapers too.

3. Watch out for Circulars & Mailers

Usually, restaurants and other entertainment zones announce their offers through newsletters. So sign up your mail id, to be part of the free mailing list of your popular haunt outs. This is a great way not to miss out on exclusive and limited time offers and promotions. Also, sometimes these places distribute their flyers as an insert in newspapers. Keep an eye out for these free mailers and circulars.

4. Look for Coupons on Cereal Box Covers or Wrappers

Local movie theatres and coffee shops often tie-up with grocery stores to announce their sales and promotions on the covers of commodities. Make it a habit of looking at the back of your bills at your favourite supermarket and on the backs of cereal boxes and other commodities. Apart from deals on shopping and entertainment, you can also land deals for groceries.

Sometimes, companies announce a free movie ticket on the purchase of two cereal boxes or three noodle packets and such. Don’t miss out on these deals. Go ahead as you’ll eventually consume two boxes of cereal. So, buy two boxes and get a free movie ticket and so on.

5. Loyalty Clubs and Member Discounts

Most leading cinema halls offer regular discounts on tickets, popcorn and other dining options, for people who sign up for their loyalty clubs. Though membership may seem expensive at the outset, it’s worth it in the long run.

The Final Word

Your best resources to find the greatest deals are online as well as your neighbours, friends and family. Just keep an eye out for these deals, and you'll be surprised with the innumerable deals and discounts, you can easily land.


What are your cheap, entertainment options? Let us know in the comments.

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