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5 ways to give to charity without spending money

10 Jan, 2017

The general perception is that individuals who work hard to be able to afford a decent life and keep their families happy cannot cut some slack for charity. This definitely is an incorrect and redundant notion. Many of us wish to give charity. However, many times end up realizing that we do not have enough to give away. Most people do not save to give charity. Generally, one would not open a recurring deposit so that at the end of year he would be able to give all that money to a charity.

There are many ways you could contribute without burning a hole in your pocket or savings.

  1. Volunteer - This is probably even better that giving money to the needy. You could affiliate with many non-profit organizations that require individuals to provide services. If you are thinking that you are not very skilled and may not be very useful. You need to think again. Individuals who haven’t even completed their basic education can also be of huge help. You could teach students, take care of elderly people, and help bring a smile to critically ill individuals and many such things. All you need is the will not any special skill.

  1. Let go of your stuff - This is something that comes very easily to many while is a painful process for many. If you do not have the money to donate that absolutely fine just go back to your old things and give away what you no longer require. Even something this small can be a big change to someone's life. Most times we do not realize how many things are kept that aren't even removed once a year. Try cleaning your closet and cupboards with this thought and you for sure will have a lot to give.

  1. The power of Internet - Out of the twenty four hours in the day we end up at least spending about two to three hours on the net without realizing that we actually dissipating that time uselessly. If we just use this time constructively we can do a lot of charity. You could virtually help non profits deal with their obstacles. Use social media to create awareness or find solutions for things they are stuck with and that too is called charity. It is charity of time and thoughts.

  1. Get Donations - You may not be able to give all the money required for a particular cause. Some of us give up with just this thought while some of us will give our share and pray for the rest to follow. If you really want to do charity give whatever you can afford and try to get more money by encourage and engaging others around. You could also get tie ups done with big corporate names as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Individually we can’t do enough but collectively we certainly are stronger than the problem.


  1. Credit Card Rewards - So you have pondered on all of the above and tried your best. However, you do not have cash to give away, no issues we have another solution. If you are an educated adult working in a decent profile you for sure will have a credit card. Just donate the points that you collect on your card for charity and you would have at least started your bit. You could either first check the requirements and then buy things accordingly or just pick the best and then donate to whoever needs the things. In either case you will bring a smile to someone’s face.

It is the festive time of the year and one can feel good about being able to help people through charity who are less fortunate. This is easily achievable without you actually having to give huge sum of money.

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