DIY tricks that can help in home economics

06 Jan, 2017

An entrepreneur needs to plan and organize lot of things at the same time. Unlike a working salaried professional who has somewhat fixed hours of work beyond which he is not answerable to anyone, the job of an entrepreneur is drastically opposite to it. An entrepreneur is expected to take care and be answerable for anything and everything which takes place in his business. Among the many, many things which an entrepreneur needs to be accountable for, one such thing is to go in for cost effective and money saving tricks not just in his business but also at home. This post provides some useful insights on some of the effective ways and means by which an entrepreneur can save some bucks by making some changes in his home.

Go for small wins

It is kind of given that once you begin on the cost effective and money saving route,  you cannot miracles to happen, and that too, just in one or two days. You need to give it some time and reasonable efforts from your side in order to make it happen. You need to start small and then gradually aim for the bigger victories. Small wins include reusing the same products instead of buying something new, going for cost saving deals etc and so on.

Try the real victories

So many times this must have happened with us that we plan for something and accordingly allocate (at least in our heads) some funds for it. But when it comes to actually coughing up for the same task, we realize how much we have exceeded our own budget. In order to avoid this, try doing those things by yourself and you will be amazed to see how much of money you have been able to save.

‘Pool in’ or ‘Pitch in’

When you have a car you often don’t realize the amount of fuel you require for it. But if you have just started on your entrepreneurial journey where the overheads are more than the surplus, then even fuel cost can pinch you. Want to know a cost saving option for this? Just try using alternative methods of transportation like walking, cycling, using public transport system or pooling in with your colleagues or friends.

Go for small

At this stage of your life where everything is so uncertain and hazy, you certainly cannot think of leading a life of a royal. You are still quite far from achieving that. Instead opt for small things. For instance, if you are looking at office spaces, then a good idea would be to first start with a small room rather leasing out a lavish sized commercial space in those fancy business towers and instead use this money for building up your business. That will certainly help you.

These are some of the extremely easy to follow tips which entrepreneurs can inculcate and practice in your day to day life and see for yourself at the money which you will be able to save by doing this.

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