Small tune-up helps with big savings

17 Dec, 2016

Home improvements and repairs are always a necessity that cannot be neglected. It’s time to invest money in repairs when something goes wrong, the tree falls down, there’s a leak, a cracked tile, or malfunction of any appliances. If you are the house owner, you are responsible for the complete maintenance and repair of the house. And eventually not every one of you has hundreds and thousands to spend on repairs. Coming to the realities, at one point or the other, you will have to deal with the house repairs.

Well, you don’t have to be an expert to perform small tune-ups and corrections! A little bit of effort will increase the amount of change in your pocket. Remember, fixing little things at home will improve your personal savings. There is no point in calling out a plumber or carpenter to fix leaky taps or a broken chair. These are simple things that you can do on your own and save money.

Replace broken taps

Well, start with this simple repair! A good friend of mine always fixes the broken tap by himself without calling in the professionals. When there is a leaky tap, he buys a new tap, follows the instructions very carefully, removes the old one and fixes the new one in no time.

Tip: Inviting a plumber for such repairs can cost you Rs200-250 (Approx.) in urban cities.

Can you check the Electrical fittings?

Again, there are simple electrical repairs that you can do on your own. If the tube light or bulb fails you can follow simple test to check the actual problem. Swap a working tube light to this same holder and try the tube light on a different holder. If it fails, you can buy a new one. Swapping the lights might help you at times!

Tip: Electricians in urban cities charge Rs150-300 (Approx.) per visit.

Search online for DIY repairs

Almost every one of you uses internet for various purpose. Why not use it to save money? We have electrical appliances, gadgets and other items at home and when they fail, you can search online for a quick repair. There are millions of YouTube videos and tutorials that will help you to fix most of the repairs at home.

Borrow tools from your neighbor

Indians socialize very well and getting help from your friend next door is not a big deal. Do you want a nail or hammer to fix the broken chair? Check with your neighbor and borrow the tools. Ensure that the tools are returned back safe!

Regular maintenance helps a lot

Regular servicing and check-ups of appliances at home help a big time. Air conditioner maintenance, cleaning up ceiling fans, cleaning the washing machine can improve their life and thus saves a huge amount on repair.


Finally, if you call in a professional to get some serious repairs done, do let your bargaining skills down! As a house owner, there can be constant streams of repairs and replacement but if you have the skills and knowledge to learn the quick fixes, you can eliminate the cost of labor.

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