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  • The Kotak MoneyWatch Community website is a holistic property of Kotak Mahindra Bank. This exclusive property will be a host to varied content from financial arena and will suit the needs of information seekers across all ages. This property will be owned by Kotak Mahindra bank but is powered by Perfios Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kotak MoneyWatch Community website will serve both customers and prospects and help them make better financial decisions. The content for Kotak MoneyWatch Community will be pooled from various financial experts from across India and in the financials topics of Money, Loans, Share Markets, and Economy etc.

About Kotak MoneyWatch Personal Finance Software Solution

  • Manage all your finances from one place and make informed investment decisions, much more easily.
  • Kotak MoneyWatch is an online money manager which provides a complete view of your financial status anytime, anywhere. Be it Bank accounts, credit cards, mutual fund investments, shares, Insurance policies, loans, Fixed Deposits etc., anything that concerns your money, can be tracked with Kotak MoneyWatch.
  • Kotak MoneyWatch offers a 360 degree view of your personal finance in an automated way and lets you monitor and manage your finances with very little manual intervention. You can track your expenses, monitor your investments, get reminded about the renewal of your insurance policy, payment of credit card dues etc.. Also, using our Mobile Apps, you can keep track of your petty cash expenses on the go.


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